What Margaret Lea Houston Knew

I find it fascinating to read biographies of courageous, determined women.

A good friend of mine gave me a book called “Women of Texas” by James M. Day, and in this book, I learned the fascinating story of Margaret Lea Houston. She was devoted to her husband, the most famous man in the history of Texas, yet she also had a mind of her own. She made this clear at the very outset of their relationship in 1839 when following a brief courtship, Sam Houston tried to persuade her to leave her Alabama home to get married in Texas.

As chronicled in the book, “Margaret refused, stating flatly that the Texan would have to come to Alabama for her. She wanted the marriage but wanted it on her own terms.” They were married the following year in Alabama.

What impresses me most about Margaret Houston is her strength of character and wisdom. Margaret often endured long separations from Sam when he was in office. These were sometimes by choice, as she preferred a quiet life out of the limelight. Margaret ran the household, raised their eight children, and leapt to Sam’s defense when he was vilified by his political enemies.

I doubt Margaret ever thought that years later women would pay attention to her story, but we do. While I find Margaret Houston to be a woman ahead of her time and I am grateful I don’t have to endure the challenges she overcame, I know our own challenges today hold the same weight in each of our lives. We face different struggles, but they are still there. She inspired me by the way she stayed grounded and remained strong in the face of many adversities.

Life lesson unpacked: When we know who we are, and do not waver from that, our path will be clear.

Whether the life lessons you unpack from Margaret's story are the same as mine, we can all relate to facing obstacles. We can move forward with courage, determination and remarkable strength.

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