Three Suitcases: Life Lessons Unpacked


Starting over wasn’t in my plan. Yet there I was, alone, with all I owned in three suitcases. I got a quick lesson in how bad things can happen through no fault of our own. I blamed myself for making a poor life partner choice. I prayed. I took stock of what I hadn’t lost. Then I moved on.

This blog is about the lessons life throws at us when we least expect it. It’s meant to encourage, empower and celebrate women’s career and life aspirations. We’ll tackle the challenges and compare notes on what keeps us going.

In a future post, I’ll share the details of that first setback and what it taught me. What I’m focused on now, though, are the secrets to shaping a career and a life using challenges as a ladder and not a roadblock.

We are stronger when we share

Throughout my life, other women have helped me see my strengths and my weaknesses, uncover opportunities, and most of all, recognize my power. I’m grateful for their generosity and honesty. When I could, I have done the same for others. It’s rewarding to mentor someone and see them grow professionally and personally. We are truly stronger when we lift one another up and share what we know and who we know.

What's next?

The transition to the consulting realm after 25 years in the accounting world is both bittersweet and boldly energizing. Instead of standing at an airport with all I had in three suitcases, I’m standing in my home office holding a tiny USB drive. It holds a catalog of contacts, resources and successes from a career I loved creating. What that device can’t contain, though, is the powerful acquired experience I can now share with you as you build a career, a brand, and a life.

At this point in my life, I’m ready to create my next. My new venture, Karen Love + Co., represents a fresh beginning. It represents unlimited freedom to connect people with resources and with one another.

Add your voice

Consider this blog as a gift, delivered with care and love from me to you. Please join me here as we unpack the lessons that will bring us closer to the career achievements and the life goals that we’ve always wanted.

Karen Love