I've spent a lifetime making connections that legendary careers are built on. Through life lessons learned, and invaluable experience and resources, I can help you co-create your next.

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Leveraging relationships to take your career or company to the next level. 

Preface to Out of Three Suitcases

Starting over wasn’t in my plan. Yet there I was, alone, with all I owned in three suitcases. I got a quick lesson in how bad things can happen through no fault of our own. I blamed myself for making a poor life partner choice. I prayed. I took stock of what I hadn’t lost. Then I moved on. Read the life lessons I've unpacked for you on my blog. Here you will find personal lessons and stories which can be applied universally about mentoring, the power of saying "thank you", giving back to the community, and more.


With multiple decades of experience in brand positioning, my guidance, advice, and perspective has been featured in:



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Honored by the Houston Business Journal as the 2017 Outstanding Chief Marketing Officer and a Woman Who Means Business

“I consider Karen a pioneer in the business services marketing arena. The Houston Business Journal knows her as a brand advocate and supporter.”
— Bob Charlet, Publisher, Houston Business Journal

One of Houston Woman Magazine's 50 Most Influential Women

“Those selected as Houston’s 50 Most Influential Women are individuals with vast networks of social and professional connections. They have earned an enviable reputation for possessing an expertise in a particular field or arena. They are considered knowledgeable, credible and trustworthy. The thoughts and actions of these women influence the thoughts and actions of others. It is our distinct privilege to be able to introduce these remarkable women to the community.”

— Beverly Denver, Houston Woman Magazine Founder

My Best Advice, in print

"Too many meetings? Make sure they're all worthwhile, or call them off" - The Houston Chronicle

"Women as relationship builders: Access their influence" - International Accounting Bulletin