What Does it Mean to “Own Your Power?”

I have to tell you that when I unpacked three suitcases holding my life’s possessions, there wasn’t a single superhero cape. Sure, there was a power suit and my favorite belt. (I still wear the belt, in fact.) Yet a superhero cape implies some kind of extraordinary power. And at the beginning of my major life transition, I wasn’t feeling very powerful.

I had a lot to learn about power—how to find it and how to OWN it.

What a delight to have my very own bobblehead, complete with cape. Loving this symbol of “owning your power.”

What a delight to have my very own bobblehead, complete with cape. Loving this symbol of “owning your power.”

What’s Your Power Potential?

So what do you know about yourself that you allow to define you? What makes you seem to glow from within? What talent makes you an unstoppable force? What is it about you that pulls people into your orbit? You do know the answers, but maybe you haven’t asked yourself the questions. Once you have a clear understanding of YOU, stand tall and begin to wield those unique qualities.

These qualities make you authentic and powerful. It’s up to you to match your special abilities and goals with your dream job. Potential employers will not be able to help you do this until you are open about what you want and why. In my search for the right match when I entered the Houston, Texas market, I was very clear about my goals. That’s how I landed at PKF Texas.

Using my power, along with prayer, I was determined to deal from a position of strength. In all my interviews, I looked for an environment that supported my aspirations to become a partner of the firm (rare for a marketer in the accounting business). I found this environment at PKF.

The life lesson here? There has always been a positive outcome for me when I pray for wisdom in decision making and ask for the awareness to see when I have an answer. The answer may have not always been what I had in mind, but God is so very creative in meeting needs.

Then, Own It!

It’s astounding to me how many doors began to open once I was in a highly supportive workplace that allowed me to use and stretch my skills. There was nothing half-hearted about the way I tackled the job. I was determined to make it my own. Along the way, I became a pioneer of sorts for other women who seek a seat at the table outside of the norm.

You can do this too. Be willing to blaze a trail and be fearless when someone is slow to recognize your power and potential. Move on if you need to, to make it happen.

As you share what defines you, you inspire those around you to do the same. It was especially gratifying to me when my team at PKF celebrated the launch of Karen Love + Co. with me and presented me with a caped bobblehead figure. It’s a daily reminder that I have, in fact, earned my cape. 

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